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LESSON 11 One good turn deserves another
Why is a river very rich?
Because every river has two banks!
turn n. 行为,举止
deserve v. 应得到,值得 lawyer n. 律师 bank n. 银行 salary n. 工资 immediately adv. 立刻
New words and expressions
turn n.(帮助或损害他人的)举动、行为
do sb. a good (bad) turn  帮了某人的忙(倒忙)
He will do a good turn to anyone if he can.
Yesterday e did me a good/an ill turn.
He is always ready to do a turn for others.
deserve v. 应得到, 值得
① deserve + n. 应得到…值得(奖赏、惩罚等)
You deserve the best.
He deserved a promotion推广.
He deserves praise赞扬.
② deserve to do sth. 应该……
She deserved to be punished处罚.
I think they deserve to be congratulated.
Good work deserves good pay. 多劳多得
His words deserve attention. 他的话值得注意。
one good turn deserves another
He fixed my bike so I let him use puter. One good turn deserves another.
★lawyer n. 律师
lawyer‘s office 律师事务所
Tony worked in a lawyer‘s office years ago, but he is now working at a bank.
托尼曾在一家律师事务所工作, 而现在正在一家银行上班.
★bank n. 银行
n. 银行
rob the bank 抢银行
safe as the bank 十分安全。
a blood bank 血库。
n. 堤,堤防;岸,河畔。
the right [left] bank 右[左]岸。
a sand bank沙洲。
★salary n. 工资
collect the salary 领薪水
pay the salary 发薪水
salary n. 薪金,薪水(月薪, 年薪)
My salary is paid on the 28th of the month.
wage n. 工资,工钱(按小时, 周计算的,一般用复数形式wages)。
When I worked as a waiter, the wages were low, but the tips were good.
★immediately adv. 立刻
right away =at once = immediately 立刻, 马上
right now 现在
〔英国〕一…(就…) (= as soon as)。
I told him immediately he came.
Immediately after this. 随即紧随这之后
She came immediately. 她立刻就来了。
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